Connecting Point: January 12, 2020

Connecting Point: January 12, 2020

What parts of my life are pleasing to God?

“This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased” 

Matthew 3:17 

In Jesus, the Son of God, we see the fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecy of what is known as the Servant of the Lord oracles. This is the first of four in Isaiah. We have within these words our ideal model of how we are to serve the Lord. 

Every day we are challenged to open our hearts and minds to hear God’s Word and discern how God is using us in this world. We can, through prayer and meditation, determine God’s “plan” for us. God’s gift of faith allows us listen to the Spirit. The seed of the gospel and the Kingdom of God are being sown every day by each of us. 

Building spiritual success, confidence and eternal hope into your life depends on how you respond to the Spirit. The seeds of the gospel of God and His eternal Kingdom are spread before you to make good use of them. It is through our day to day lives that we hear God proclaim that our response is pleasing to Him.

– Deacon Tom Carter