Connecting Point: January 17, 2021

Sometimes you find your inspiration for a homily in the strangest of places. Like the 80’s music on satellite radio. Singing along with Lionel Richie, the lyrics to “Hello, it’s me” became the basis for this reflection.

Jesus goes into Lionel Richie mode when He turns and asks, “Hello … is it me you’re looking for …?” The lyrics to that song seem to have relevance here. “You’re all I ever wanted and my arms are open wide. I want to tell you so much, I love you.” There seems to be some strong theological similarities in these lyrics.

But it is an interesting question, isn’t it? What are you looking for? Jesus knows what’s going on behind his back. He knows what people are saying about him, but He wants to hear their answer directly from them. So, ask yourselves, “What are you looking for?”

As we begin a new year, it’s appropriate to think about our answer. Are you looking for refuge from all the noise in your world? Are you looking for forgiveness from someone in your life? Are you looking for hope through all the hopelessness? “I take for granted that you’re always there … I take for granted that you just don’t care … Sometimes I can’t help seeing all the way through…”

We often seek answers in material things rather than going to God who is the answer. It’s easy to fall into this trap because we desire the things that God gives without desiring all the baggage that goes with it. It’s easy to ask for hope and love without wanting to deal with the sacrifice and pain that comes when following this Jesus. “You know that I’d be with you if I could … I’ll come around and see you once in a while …Or if I ever need a reason to smile …

Hello, it’s me … I’ve thought about us for a long, long time …”

Connecting Point: January 24, 2021