Connecting Point: January 29, 2017

How can I be more generous with my love?
We are all loving people God created us with love, in love and for love. Unfortunately, there are times when our humanity gets in the way of sharing that love freely and generously. We get stingy with our love whenever we become more focused on ourselves than on others. This happens even in everyday disagreements with people closest to us like our spouses, siblings, parents, children…the people we are supposed to love” the most” we sometimes treat with less love and respect than the person ringing up our groceries. We easily get so focused on what we are doing or what we are thinking that we often neglect consideration of the other person’s perspective. How do we treat the other drivers when they aren’t driving fast enough or right enough for us to do what we want or get to where we are going fast enough…even when they can’t hear us or see us? How about the way we treat and respond to people who don’t agree with our political or religious views…friends and family? In those times when our opinions and issues overcome our love, respect, patience and gentle care of one another, there is certainly room for us to love more generously. How can I be more generous with my love of family, friends and strangers?

Connecting Point: February 12, 2017