Connecting Point

Connecting Point: July 17, 2022

In the readings this Sunday, we hear stories of people who encounter God as they open their homes and welcome others. We are called to reach out to strangers; people from different cultures, races and traditions; to share this sense of welcoming. At St. Isidore, our church community strives to open our worship to friends and strangers alike and share with them a sense of belonging.

When we are called to share our faith with others, we are asked to share our love of God in a way that is food for the body and the soul. In the gospel, we see how Martha and Mary welcome Jesus in their home. Martha immediately begins preparations of food for the body while Mary seeks food for the soul. Neither are wrong in their focus.

However, Jesus shares with Martha that maybe all the preparations and worry in working with the food for the body is distracting her from seeking food for the soul. How many times do we let other things distract us from spending time in prayer or worship with the Lord? Jesus is not disappointed in Martha, he is disappointed that the worry became more consuming than learning about God.

To be more open to strangers, God wants us to be more open to life. When we are welcoming to strangers we also need to be more present in sharing ourselves and our faith with each other. Focus on being inclusive and letting people feel like they belong. Don’t let worry distract us from a genuine desire to bring people closer to God. Helping people feel like they belong allows them to develop a relationship and feel part of God’s community.