Connecting Point: July 26, 2020

“How do I distinguish right from wrong?”

Every one of us, at some time in our life, was caught “stretching” the truth. As a child, I came from a family of five boys. This seemed to provide untold opportunities to decide how to tell right from wrong. And it seemed that my father knew the truth before asking us for our version of a story. Throughout my life, I’ve noticed that when I’ve done something right, it feels, right. However, when wrong is standing in front of me I get a feeling in my gut that what I am intending to do or what I’ve already done, is wrong?

The Holy Spirit guides us toward living our life in harmony with God. Maybe it’s the Holy Spirit that nudges us when our actions cause us to stray from God. So, listen to your conscience and be aware of the feelings in your gut. I’m sure the Holy Spirit is continually helping us to determine right from wrong.

Connecting Point: August 2, 2020