Connecting Point

Connecting Point: July 29, 2018

“When have I seen small gifts make a big difference?”

Sitting next to a volunteer at a meeting recently, the elderly woman said to me, “I only help out one hour a week; I don’t really make a difference.”  I was stunned.  When someone gives all they can, no matter the circumstance, to help our church grow then …


In our gospel reading today Jesus, with the help of the disciples, gives all he can to feed the five thousand that followed him; a few to care for so many.  What could our community accomplish if our 3400 registered families reached out to others?

We are fortunate at St. Isidore to have many who care for others in our community.  We are able to be disciples of Jesus everyday by helping with the Altar Society, Knights of Columbus, Ushers, St. Vincent de Paul, Health Ministry, Fellowship, Baby Pantry, and Prayer Blanket Ministry just to name a few.

In the Eucharist of Christ, this humble servant of God, we are called to become what we receive. When we become one in the body of Christ we are challenged to work our own miracles in our community of faith and no matter what our circumstance we can each make a difference.