In what small ways can I honor a father?

Our parents play a very special role in our lives.  Often times, they are the people who teach us right from wrong.  They are the people who instill a work ethic.  They are the people that help plant the seed of faith.

This weekend, we hear from the Gospel of Mark, and the parable of the mustard seed.  This small seed, when cultivated becomes one of the largest plants.  Our parents, specifically our fathers, have made many sacrificial contributions to our well-being.  The challenge for us today, is in what way can we honor them?

Many of us think about this on a regular basis.  Some of us honor our father, but do so automatically, as almost a natural response to honor our upbringing.  Likewise, our Creator Father, has blessed each of us immensely.  So, as we celebrate Father’s Day, let us call to mind a special way to honor our dads, and at the same time think of intentional ways to honor our Father in heaven so that the seed of faith that was planted in us can continue to grow and bear fruit.

Connecting Point: June 24, 2018