Connecting Point: March 1, 2020

How will I resist even the smallest temptations this Lent? 

In the Gospel today, Jesus is alone in the desert and shows complete obedience to his Father’s will.  Jesus tells the devil “You shall not put the Lord, your God, to the test.”  Remember, Jesus had been fasting and even still did not flinch at the devil’s temptation.  Jesus gave us the perfect example of obedience. So how do we live out this example during this Lenten season?  How do we resist temptation?

First, it’s important to experience our own fast during Lent.  A lot of us think that means giving up something or not eating meat on Fridays.  Both of those things are important; it is important to sacrifice over Lent.  In our sacrifice, we show our gratitude to the Lord and we reflect on our faith.  Yet, giving up something is not all that Lent is about.  Lent is also about doing something extra.  One of my favorite Lenten “fast” stories came from a friend.  A few years ago she realized that the nursing home that her grandmother was in had minimal entertainment.  She had a gift for music so she decided that during Lent she would go once a week and sing for her grandmother and the other residents.  She would tell me that her decision to do something “extra” made it her best Lent ever.

Second, we resist temptation through prayer.  There are all different types of prayer that can help us strengthen our relationship with the Lord.  We can use meditative prayer to put ourselves in the presence of Christ.  We can also pray the rosary and ask our Holy Mother to intercede for us. Another way is to practice Lectio Divina prayer to dive deeper into Scripture.  Whatever type of prayer each of us chooses, we are spending time with the Lord and his love can help us overcome anything.

This Lenten season take time to “fast” and take time everyday to pray.  These two things alone will help resist even the smallest of temptations.                

– John Kovacik

Connecting Point: March 8, 2020