Connecting Point: March 15, 2020

How is the living water of my baptism transforming me today?

Water is necessary for life. It is so essential that scientists search for its presence on other planets in an attempt to determine if they can support life. The Jewish people were desperate for water when wandering the desert in search of the Promised Land. Other examples of the importance of water can be found in the story of Jacob’s well, the Great Flood, the parting of the Red Sea, and, in today’s Gospel, the woman at the well.

Jesus raises the stakes with the woman at the well by revealing himself as the source of water that sustains life eternally. We are all given the gift of Jesus’ life giving water at baptism. We share in this new birth as children of God through our baptism, even though we haven’t done anything to deserve the life-giving water of baptism. But, to paraphrase St. Paul, God gave us the waters of salvation while we were still sinners.

Like the woman at the well, we are challenged to share the gift of our baptism with our friends and neighbors. Her testimony caused her neighbors to go out and find Jesus and convince him to stay. 

What does our baptism cause us to search for spiritually?

How can we share this living water with those around us?

Connecting Point: March 22, 2020