“Mr. Rogers Neighborhood”

In these troubled times, it is not difficult to encounter someone who is weary.  But do we always see them?

The weary ones are all around us…at work, in school, at the market, on the street corner, in the news and even in our families.  The problem is that sometimes we don’t notice them.  The first step in bringing hope is to be on the LOOKOUT for opportunity.  Instead of inwardly focusing on our own daily to do lists, in what ways can we be more outwardly vigilant and make connections with those around us.

Every day has potential for connections.  We have the power to make these “encounters of hope”.

I grew up watching Mr. Rogers.  He was always making connections with people in his neighborhood.  He was a soft-spoken, caring, kind friendship vigilante of sorts who made it a point to address everyone through a vision of kindness and love.  He was all about empathy for the plight of others.  He once said, “The greatest thing we can do is to help somebody know that they are loved and capable of loving.”  Bringing hope to someone who is weary, troubled, angry or lonely can sometimes be as simple as taking the time to be with them and just listen.

Connecting Point: April 1, 2018