Connecting Point

Connecting Point: May 29, 2022

Since the time Jesus died, there have been people anxiously awaiting His return. At first, they were both anxious and scared because they did not know how to move forward without Him. Once Jesus made appearances post-Resurrection, we as a people became more emboldened. And now, we wait again. And it seems to me that the more time that passes, the less fervent our collective efforts become.

This weekend’s second reading from the book of Hebrews states that Christ will come a second time to “bring salvation to those who eagerly await Him.” You may wonder what eagerly waiting looks like. In a way, the Church is set up to help us in this effort.

As a Church, we come together to learn. As a Church, we assist those in need through many various outreach efforts. This Sunday’s Gospel states that the people of Jerusalem were continually in the temple praising God, and we as a Church, do that through the global celebration of the Mass and through receiving the Eucharist. Let us continue to learn about Him, serve Him (by serving others) and praise Him as we as a community eagerly await Him. Amen!