Connecting Point: May 3, 2020

Have you ever stopped to think about all of the metaphors that God and Jesus use in the Bible?

In the Gospel this week, Jesus uses the metaphor of the shepherd. (Jn. 10). Jesus is the one true shepherd and gives us the model of how shepherds should demonstrate humility.

A humble shepherd is Focused upon his sheep, not Himself. A humble shepherd feeds his people from the Word, Not his own Imagination. At St Isidore, we are blessed with Father Ron and Father Matt, whom both exemplify the idea of the humble shepherd.

But it’s not just clergy that can lead through humility. Humility before God and giving thanks to the Lord is the key for all of us. Being humble means being willing to notice and praise the abilities and accomplishments of others. Being humble means giving God the credit for every good thing we do and every good thing we have. Humility is simply “the recognition that God knows best, that He has an infinite love for other people just as He does for us, and that the only way to be truly holy and truly happy is to surrender our lives into His hands.”

We all are called to lead by humility and live as witnesses to the glory of Jesus Christ.

Connecting Point: May 10, 2020