Connecting Point

Connecting Point: May 8, 2022

My ministry in music and work in planning and preparing liturgy presents a wonderful opportunity by which I can be an instrument of salvation to others.

This amazing opportunity inspired me to accept a position in parish ministry rather than returning to teaching high school full time when our three boys were old enough for me to return to work.

Fostering unity in Christ is foremost in my work in planning and preparing liturgies. My personal mission statement (posted on my office bulletin board) reminds me each day that all I do for our parish is “for the glorification of God and the sanctification of his people.” Each day is spent planning and preparing worship experiences to help the people of our parish community grow in relationship to Christ and to one another. Our unity in the Body of Christ is best expressed at Mass in our shared experience of prayer, music, scripture and ultimately as we receive Holy Eucharist together.

Because the Holy Eucharist is the source and summit of all we do as Catholic Christians, anyone can foster unity by bringing their families to Mass and encouraging others to do so as well.

Every time we attend Mass, we are fueled in Word and Sacrament to be instruments of salvation in whatever we do as we go forth to love and serve the Lord in our daily lives. During Mass, the Holy Spirit works in us in ways we do not even fully understand despite whether we feel especially inspired or not. At a time when gas prices are through the roof, we can tank up each week on spiritual fuel that elevates us beyond the turmoil of life towards the promise of everlasting joy in heaven. Come to Mass and fill your tank… at a much better bargain than at the gas pump!