Connecting Point: November 10, 2019

How do I remain faithful through the trials

I believe that it is our dreams which give meaning to our lives. Our dreams move us and sustain us through difficult times.

Jesus dreamed of the “Reign of God,” a kingdom of compassion, justice, and peace, in which everyone lived in right relationship with each other. It was this dream which kept him faithful through his many trials, especially his agony in the garden and crucifixion.

In our First reading today, it is the Maccabee brothers’ dream of one day being raised up by God that empowers them to remain faithful to their Jewish faith in the face of torture and martyrdom. Their dream is expressed in the refrain of the Responsorial Psalm (Ps. 17) for this Sunday: “Lord, when your glory appears, my joy will be full”.

In our New Testament reading, St. Paul points out that Jesus encourages us and strengthens us to remain faithful in every good deed by sharing with us His dream of the Kingdom of God.

A time of trial in my life was the last couple of years of the twelve that I spent in the seminary. I was burnt out by studies and disillusioned by many of my closest friends decided to leave the seminary to pursue different vocations. I had many self-doubts, but what kept me faithful was my dream of ordained ministry and the joy it would bring.

We all face many trials in our lives; trials of faith, health, relationships, death of loved ones, vocations, etc. Holding onto our dreams has the power to keep us faithful. What are your dreams?

– Fr. Ron

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