Connecting Point: November 11, 2018

Are we naturally creatures of responsive love or are we reactionary creatures of a variety of emotional responses good, bad and ugly?

Habitual responses can be difficult to break especially in intense situations.  Old habits of responding out of our irritations and frustrations can die hard unless we make intentional choices to change our negative responses to others.

The Jamaicans have a favorite saying of mine that often helps me to remember to stay chill with others when things get sticky: “No problem, mon; only situation.”

Not all of us all have the means or ability to be genuine saints like Mother Teresa (from whose quote our Connecting Point is inspired), but each one of us can work to improve the ways we respond to others especially in sticky situations.

The Gospel reading today, MT 5:1-12A gives us Beatitudes; a framework of positive responses through which we can respond to just about any situation with an attitude of care for the other(s).

The person driving too slowly in front of you may be “poor in spirit” because they just lost their job.

Peacemakers don’t give up… even on stubborn family members or friends who won’t talk anymore.

A simple act of being merciful could be giving someone a closer parking space or offering a place ahead in line at the store.

In a dark world of conflicting messages and situations, we can all choose to be more intentional in responding to others out of love rather than out of our darker alternatives.

Incidentally, if you replace the first letter “N”of November with “L”, you have created a whole new meaning with one small change.  Paying it forward can begin with the choice one person makes.

Live the “Be-attitudes”.

Connecting Point: November 18, 2018