Connecting Point: November 8, 2020

Actually my first thought for this question is, for what? Am I ready for what?

These past few months have really challenged us to prepare ourselves to be ready. We need to be ready for the kids to go back to school, the fall flu season, the election, the holidays, and the list goes on and on.  In order to prepare to make these decisions, we have been studying school policies, researching the upcoming flu season, comparing the candidates and googling for the holidays.  Many of us have spent hours trying to prepare for these events and what their decision will be.  We ask ourselves over and over, “Am I ready?”

Today’s gospel reading, warns us about being ready for the ultimate decision we must make, “…stay awake, for you know neither the day nor the hour.”  The most important question on our list should be “Am I ready for the coming of Christ?”  We should ask ourselves:  “Do I pray and go to Mass regularly? Have I shared faith with others and helped those in need during this pandemic year? Have I been present for my family and treated them with patience and understanding? Am I ready?”

For world events, we will study, research, compare and google for hours to ensure we are ready for the events to come.  However, how much time do we give to preparing for the event of Christ’s coming?  Can you imagine what we could accomplish if we spent hours getting ready for the coming of Christ?  The people we could touch, the lives that could be saved, the hope that could be shared.  This list goes on and on.

With that in mind, St. Isidore is starting now to plan for our Christmas Mass.  We will focus on bringing Christ to all our parishioners while ensuring everyone’s safety and health.  It may not be like Christmas in the past. However, this year; Christmas Mass is still the most meaningful way to share Christ with one another.  Are you ready to make this Christmas Mass something to remember? Will you embrace the changes needed for this year at the Church and bring Christ to your family in a special way this Christmas?  

We are called to make time for Christ.  Our gospel reading reminds us that we should not prepare in our timeline, we should prepare in the Lord’s timeline.  The Lord’s timeline is here and now.  Our Christmas theme: “Turn on the Light” reminds us that the flame of faith is alive in each of us and we need to feed that flame so we are prepared for what is to come.  As a child of the light, you have a choice: Do you hear God’s call?  Are YOU ready?  

Connecting Point: November 15, 2020