Connecting Point

Connecting Point: October 16, 2022

Injustice upsets us. When I witness someone judging or treating another person unjustly because they are a different color, religion, social status, or for whatever reason, I find myself becoming angry at that person. At times when I let my anger fester and get the best of me, I am in essence judging too. The many injustices swirling all around us in this world can make us weary day after day and wear down our ability to cope. We can allow ourselves to wallow in injustice and become paralyzed in our own inaction, or we can be proactive in modeling justice in every situation.

Injustice is the antithesis of relationship. We all long for relationships. God longs for a relationship with each one of us.

Praying is the first step in the search for justice, even when we become weary and don’t think we can do anything about injustices in the world. Prayer is not just an activity; it is an expression of relationship and involves trust. God calls us to pray without ceasing and God never tires of hearing our prayers. Prayer holds us fast to a relationship with God and allows us to rise above earthly adversities.

So when we are privy to injustice, we pray for the victimized, those who are treating others unjustly and for ourselves to be at peace so that we can model God’s kingdom of righteousness and peace here on earth. On Judgement Day, God’s justice will triumph over all the injustices committed by sinful people in this fallen world. Meanwhile, our prayers for ourselves and others keep us grounded in relationship and the unfailing love of Christ our Lord and Savior who himself was able to pray for his persecutors in his last words while dying on a cross.