Connecting Point: October 28, 2018

This week in the Gospel we have the story of Bartimaeus the blind man. Bartimaeus was healed by Jesus because of his faith. Before he met Jesus Bartimaeus was blind from birth and grew up a beggar. Bartimaeus’ blindness kept him from doing things especially living his faith.

We can look at Bartimaeus situation more than just the physical but spiritual blindness as well. What is in our lives that makes us blind toward following Christ? Is the focus of my job keeping me from the needs of my family? Is my school work keeping from being able to be a good friend? Are the problems that I face every day make me feel that I am not worth being loved by Christ?

There are many forms of blindness but there is one light that can heal us. Bartimaeus had a deep longing to be healed and knew the one way that could give him that. That healing came from having complete faith in Jesus Christ! May we come to shining light that is Jesus.

Connecting Point: November 4, 2018