Connecting Point: October 8, 2017

Do we allow the things of the earth to dwell in us more deeply than our awareness of Christ dwelling in us and God’s plan for our lives?

The responsibilities of life control most of our daily schedules. Priorities are legitimate: family, work, school. Before we know it the day is over and we barely have enough energy to brush our teeth before going to bed.

Could Christ be calling us to something more? What if we take a few quiet moments each day to ask Him and listen?

A young girl named Mary said “yes”and offered her entire life. Tall order.

Is service to our community a priority or is it an afterthought?
Opportunities come and they go faster than we can blink.
The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

As human beings we seek to find peace in fulfilling our personal responsibilities and in the realization of our desires.

True Peace is where we find harmony with God and his purpose for our lives.

Although an angel probably won’t appear, if we willingly make the time, God’s opportunity (along with the time and energy needed) may come to us.

Connecting Point: October 22, 2017