Connecting Point: September 16, 2018

In our Second Reading this weekend, St. James insists that authentic Christian Faith is always accompanied by good works.  We are not saved by faith alone.  We are not saved by works alone. We are saved by faith and works conjoined.  Spirit. mind, and body, must be kept together.

Authentic Catholic and Christian faith is not simply belief in orthodox doctrine. It is not limited to authentic worship. True faith is expressed in the positive and concrete ways we care for the people we encounter every day: family members, co-workers, fellow students, store clerks, neighbors, and strangers.  Words of support must be accompanied by supportive works: feeding the hungry, visiting the sick, listening to others, and other acts of kindness.

These are very conflicting and confusing times in our society and in our Church.  Through living an active, authentic faith we can rise above the confusion and conflict and reveal God’s presence and God’s love in our midst.  This is the faith that will attract others to Christ and to His Church. This is the faith that will lift us out of darkness.  How will my actions this week speak my faith to others? How will my faith bear witness to God’s presence in the daily lives of those I meet this week?

Authentic, saving faith does more than CONNECT with God.  It will also REACH others and BUILD community.

Connecting Point: September 23, 2018