Connecting Point: September 27, 2020

This Sunday's gospel reading wraps us up in the parable given by Jesus of the “Two Sons.” This parable is meant to make us stop and think about our words and our actions. 

The second reading by Paul to the Philippians challenges us to “Do nothing out of selfishness or out of vainglory;” but to look out for the needs of others. How often do we use words to automatically turn off a request or over promise to help someone who is in need and then unintentionally never follow up? Words are not bad but our words should meet our actions.

Today’s gospel calls us to be people of action. Jesus understands that we are not perfect, yet he wants us to take a step back and find the time to think of others. We are then challenged to take those thoughts and words and turn them into actions. As we come into the final quarter of 2020, let’s take action and reach out to those in need. Let’s take time to put the needs of others before ourselves. This parable also shares good news: it is never too late to do God’s will and take time for the marginal among us.

Connecting Point: October 4, 2020