Beginning Monday, February 28th, St. Isidore Faith Formation has decided to make masks optional  during class time.

On February 16, 2022 the  Michigan Department of Health and Human Services reacted to the  recent update of Michigan COVID status to the Recovery Phase.

“ In response, Michigan’s health department has issued new guidance for masking. Individuals who are high risk or in a high risk environment should continue wearing a face mask despite the state’s declining cases,   officials said. Everyone else is encouraged to wear a mask if they choose to, but they are not being urged to.”  

With that said please note that we will follow the MDHHS regarding:

“Mask Use During Future Phases

Recommendations regarding masking may change as conditions evolve – such changes could include the presence of a new variant that increases the risk to the public, or an increased number of cases that strains the healthcare system. During future times of surge, additional access to testing resources, vaccination clinics, and therapeutic treatment may be made available as the situation warrants.”

St. Isidore will continue to clean tables before and after sessions, encourage the use of hand sanitizer and Kleenex, and promote social distancing.  Rooms will receive a disinfectant fog weekly.