December 2, 2018

Farewell from Matt Hunt

Dear St. Isidore Parish:

It is with a heavy heart that I recently gave my resignation as youth minister of St. Isidore. All this has happened in the last month: I formally gave my resignation on Tuesday, November 13th and my last day here was Tuesday, November 27th.

I have taken a Pastoral Associate position at Ss. John & Paul parish in Washington Township. My first official day will be December 3rd. I need to start and learn the job as soon as possible because Fr. Festus Ejimadu is leaving for Africa on Tuesday, January 1st.

As difficult as this is, my wife, Sarah, and I feel that this is best for our family. This is a huge move spiritually and professionally for me. I feel that God is moving me in this direction and that I need to use my talents that I have learned here at St. Isidore.

This is a bittersweet and hard decision. This is one of best parish teams that I have worked with and God has been moving this place in such a great direction. The spirit, direction, and talent of the people in this parish are like no other. I feel that the people here have taught me wonderful things and I have grown with my gifts from being here. However, I need to spread that in a more pastoral role in ministering to a new audience with the talents God has given me.

Please pray for my family as we start this next step in the spiritual journey. Please keep in contact and I will step in from time to time.

God’s Grace & Peace,

Matt Hunt

Fr. Mark's Musings 12-2-18