First Eucharist *June 20 & 27, 2020* Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Covid-19 Guidelines

How many families will there be per mass? St Isidore, in following the guidelines from the Archdiocese of Detroit (AOD), has decided that there will only be 30 families per mass. For social distancing purposes, this will allow up to 240 people per mass with no one sitting in the overflow.

How will the families be seated? Each family will sit together with their 1st Communicant. Each family will be seated in one pew. Families will then be placed every other pew. Seats will be given on a first come / first serve basis with St Isidore Ushers leading families to their seats as they arrive. Social distancing will be followed as you wait to be seated.

Can I have more than 8 family members? No. To follow the proper guidelines set by the AOD, the CDC, and the Governor, we can only allow 8 members total per family. If a family has two children receiving 1st Eucharist then they can have 9 members total per family.

Does everyone wear a face mask and need hand sanitizer? Yes. We must follow the guidelines as mandated by the AOD for Catholic Masses and the AOD requires all those attending mass to wear a face mask and each family must bring their own hand sanitizer. Children under the age of 2 do not need to wear a mask.

How do we receive Eucharist? Faith Formation will be sending a video link for you to review and share with your family on the appropriate way to receive Communion in this new environment. The AOD requires that the face mask is worn up to receiving Communion and partially removed when the host is transferred from the hand to the mouth and then replaced. There will be no wine (Blood of Christ).

How long will the mass be? The Mass will be 45 –60 mins in length if everything goes as planned. There will not be a reception after the Mass.

Why so soon? Based on all the guidelines from the AOD, the CDC, and the Governor we feel that we can celebrate a spiritual mass for our children in a healthy environment NOW. We have considered postponing the mass till later but we do not know what later will bring. The Church has been holding Mass since May 19, 2020 according to AOD guidelines and the new system has been working.

We hope everyone will experience a mass that, although different from those in the past, will be deeply spiritually and personal to the child and the family. God Bless!