Fr. Ron’s Ramblings 1-6-19

Today’s Solemnity of the Epiphany is, liturgically,  the brightest feast of the entire Christmas Season.  Today we rejoice in our belief that Jesus is revealed as the Light for all people!  The Magi are Gentiles, Through following the star, they come to worship Jesus as the Lord.  In the words of our solemn blessing for Epiphany, “The wise men followed the star, and found Christ, who is Light from Light. May (we) too find the Lord when our pilgrimage is ended!”. Today is a celebration of Light, and of those who seek the Light.

January 6th is the Twelfth Day of Christmas, the day on which  we celebrate the fullness of the Christmas mystery.  In many Christian nations today is a legal holiday.  In warmer climates Christians gather on beaches around large bonfires to celebrate the Light.  It is also the day on which gifts are exchanged.  This is in keeping with the gifts the Magi made to the infant.  The exchange of gifts reflects our gratitude to God for the giving of God’s self completely to us in the Incarnation.  The gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrh symbolize the total giving of themselves to God on the part of the wise men.  Today, out of gratitude to God, we offer ourselves completely to God and to God’s service

While today is the climax of the Christmas Season, it is not the end.  We have one more week of celebrating our Christmas joy  The Christmas Season comes to a close next Sunday, January 13th, with the celebration of the Baptism of the  Lord.  So keep the decorations up. the hospitality flowing, and the carols playing for another joy-filled week!.

Merry Christmas!

Fr. Ron

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