Happy Father’s Day to all fathers and grandfathers-and all those who have been like fathers to our young people. We honor you today for all the sacrifices you make in nurturing your children and grandchildren. As part of the solemn blessings at the Nuptial Mass states: “May your children bring you happiness, and may your generous love for them be returned to you many times over.”

Today, June 17th, Deacon Bill Stimpson is assuming “Senior Deacon, Inactive” status. Deacon Bill. who celebrated the 35th anniversary of his ordination last Monday, June 11th,has been serving us at St. Isidore for the past five years. He has been a valued member ofour pastoral team, serving the parish primarily in his preaching, teaching, and his articles in the paper, as well as presiding at Baptisms and Wake Services, and representing us
at various social justice events. I appreciate the many ways he has assisted me in my ministry as pastor.

Fr. Ron's Ramblings 6/24/2018