It has now been two months since we began OUR SUNDAY NIGHT MASS..  The number of participants who have joined us for the Mass has been even greater than expected.  People are responding well to a few things we do differently at the Mass.  There is a great energy and cohesiveness at the Mass.  It is very noticeable that most people stay through to the end of Mass: just a handful of people leave during the Communion Rite or before the end of the Recessional hymn.  (As you know, the large number of parishioners who leave Mass during the Communion Rite at our Sunday Masses is of great concern to me.)   I am very grateful to the liturgical ministers who have come forward to serve at this Mass.  Special thanks to the ushers who have been a great support and help create a greater spirit of hospitality at this Mass.  Please continue to spread the word regarding this Mass to families who may find it difficult to attend Mass  on Sunday morning.  The Mass begins at 5:30.
   I thank everyone who has gone out of their way to welcome Fr. Mark George to St. Isidore!  Please keep in mind that Fr. Mark is meeting literally hundreds of new people in very short time! While he is very good with names, I encourage you to remind him of your name when you greet him the first few times!
   I will be away Monday through Wednesday of this week visiting cousins in their cottage Upnorth.  I hope you all get an opportunity to relax and enjoy our beautiful state this summer!
Fr. Ron

Fr. Mark's Musings 07-22-18