Strawberry Festival 2018 is just three weeks away!  What I like most about the Strawberry Festival is how it helps build community at St. Isidore, as we all come together to work for the good of the parish and offer hospitality to our guests.  Many more volunteers are needed to help with the Festival. Please check out the article elsewhere in this bulletin and sign up to volunteer if you are able.  And please plan on joining us for the Festival, and invite family and friends.

We are grateful to all of our liturgical ministers who have served at our Sunday Night Mass, helping it to get off to a great start, both in the number of participants and the beauty of the Mass.  We have entitled the Mass “A Mass For the Busy Catholic”,  providing an additional opportunity for families that are busy with other events on Sunday morning, or want to sleep in, or are returning from out of town, etc., To join our community in prayer.

We are also doing a few things a bit different at this Mass.  In order to create a more informal setting,( one conducive for 5:30 Sunday evening after a busy weekend), we have not had an entrance procession: the minsters simply join the assembly at the front of the church for the beginning of Mass. The ordained ministers also sit in the front pew for the Liturgy of the Word, allowing us an opportunity to be more directly attentive to Sacred Scripture, and not separated from the assembly. We will evaluate these practices as we move forward. We invite your feedback. Please spread the news of the Sunday Night Mass.

   MARK YOUR CALENDAR: our next “Theology on Tap”, will be Wednesday, June 13, at Shield’s Restaurant beginning a 7:00.  “Theology on Tap is a great forum for young adults to come together in a small group to study and discuss their faith, and connect with each other.  We strongly encourage you to participate! Further information can be found elsewhere in this bulletin.

God Bless,

Fr. Ron Victor

Fr. Ron's Ramblings 6/3/2018