Fr. Ron’s Reflection 6/30/2019

We thank everyone who helped to make Strawberry Festival 2019 a huge success.  When it was announced at my former parish that I would be coming to St. Isidore, many of the parishioners of that parish told me of the Strawberry Festival and how much I would love it.  They were correct!  The Strawberry Festival is an important part of our tradition. For many years, it has helped build community and has drawn people from outside our parish who come to experience our hospitality.  The funds from the Festival are also a significant support of our mission to  bring God’s Word to the community in new and innovative ways.  We thank all who attended the Festival, the hundreds of volunteers, and especially the Strawberry Festival Committee who work throughout the year.  In fact, they have already begun planning Strawberry Festival 2020!

One way to help your children’s and your own faith formation through the summer is through the many excellent programs, videos, and movies found on FORMED.  A couple of years ago, at the request of our Evangelization Committee, we bought a subscription to FORMED for all of our parishioners. We recently renewed that subscription.  If you have not yet signed up for FORMED, it is easy to get started:  (1) Go to (2) Enter access code ZGR3FR. (3) Enter your email and a password (you’ll need this to login later) (4) You are all ready to access the inspiring and engaging content on FORMED.

We hope you will have a great Independence Day!  Please plan on joining us for Mass on Thursday morning at 9:00 AM to pray for our nation and honor the Giver of all freedom.

Happy 4th!

Fr. Ron

Fr. Ron's Reflections 7/7/19