Fr. Ron’s Reflections 10/11/20

Even in the midst of the pandemic, good things continue to happen at St. Isidore. Our parish staff has been working throughout the "close down" in order to continue to serve our parishioners. I am so grateful to our amazing staff. I am also grateful to the great support we have been receiving from our parishioners.

As pastor, I feel a great responsibility to protect the health and well being of our parishioners and staff. As a result, with the advice of other leaders on our staff and in our parish, I have shown extreme caution in dealing with the virus. I think it is important to have great patience and move forward very slowly. With God’s help, and the cooperation of all of us, we will get through this!

I ask that you keep our 113 Confirmation Candidates in your prayers over the next two weeks. Because of COVID restrictions, they will be Confirmed in four separate Masses. The Masses will be celebrated at 7:00 PM on October 13, 15, 19 and 21. Unfortunately, participation is limited and not open to the parish in general. Bishop Robert Fisher will preside at the Confirmation liturgy this Tuesday, October 13. I will preside at the remaining liturgies. Archbishop Vigneron, in light of the special circumstances with the pandemic, has granted pastors the faculties to confirm this year. Confirmation completes our young peoples’ initiation into our worshipping community. We are looking forward to welcoming our new fully-initiated members. And we thank all those responsible for preparing our students for this important event.

During these stressful times the Sacrament of Reconciliation takes on even greater importance. We need to celebrate God’s mercy and be strengthened by God’s healing grace more than ever. Father Matt and I are celebrating the sacrament by appointment. This avoids the need for people to “line-up,” and also allows more time to fully celebrate the sacrament. If you would like to celebrate the sacrament, please call the parish office and we will schedule a time and place. Usually, we meet you at your car in the parking lot, or sit on the front porch of the rectory. As the weather changes, we will invite inside the building.

Stay safe! Stay blessed!

Our Pets are Blessed