Fr. Ron’s Reflections 3/15/20

I have received much positive feedback from those who have subscribed to our Lenten Video Project. To be honest, I was delighted when the project was proposed to me, but a little bit concerned with how well we could pull it off. In keeping with our mission statement, it is certainly a "new and innovative way" to "bring God's Word to our community. " And it was certainly a very ambitious project for a parish to attempt. I am grateful to the team that spent several months planning it, and for the members of our staff who came forward to share their faith through a video. No one of us, including me, was excited about being taped and then having that video sent to what is now over a thousand people. However, with a little arm twisting, they embraced their vulnerability and participated. I am so very grateful. Special thanks to Mr. Matt Kush, our Creative Director, who headed the project and spent countless hours taping, editing, and producing the videos. Matt is an extremely talented and dedicated member of our staff, as are all of our staff in their area of ministry.

I mentioned above how I appreciated the members of our team’s willingness to be “vulnerable.” My favorite image of ministry is Jesus kneeling before his disciples, washing their feet at the Last Supper. To kneel before someone like that is put oneself in a very vulnerable position. Yet, that is what ministry and service are all about. Being vulnerable can look weak, but I think it is a sign of strength and courage. When you begin serving others, there are many times when you will be hurt, and people will take advantage of you. I am sure all parents are aware of this. I have at times reminded members of parish staffs that, if they are not willing to be vulnerable and to have people take advantage of them, then they should get out of ministry. One of the benefits of our Lenten Video Project is that it is an opportunity for our parishioners to get to know the members of our parish staff who have dedicated themselves to serve our parish, and to see their deep spirituality and courage. I am so blessed to be a part of this team.


Fr. Ron

Fr. Ron's Reflections 3/19/20