“Glory Touching Earth” Christmas Concert Photos

Our church’s “Glory Touching Earth” Christmas Concert on January 5th was a resounding success, bringing together our children’s choir, teens, and adult choir, all accompanied by a wonderful orchestra. 

The children’s choir and teen ensembles opened the night with heartwarming renditions of Christmas carols. The adult choir accompanied by a 15-piece orchestra then filled the church with powerful Christmas songs of worship. The blend of strings, winds, and percussion with the choir’s melodies was nothing short of heavenly, leaving many in the audience visibly moved. 

The concert, aptly named “Glory Touching Earth,” truly lived up to its title. It was a night where the glory of music touched the hearts of everyone present, creating a sense of unity and peace that only music can.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all who came to support our music ministry. Your presence and appreciation not only encouraged our performers but also helped in strengthening our community bonds. It’s your support that makes events like these possible and so meaningful.