Hope in the midst of the Coronavirus

If you’re feeling the stress of the Coronavirus, raise your recently-sanitized hand! Events are cancelled. Schools are closing. Even churches are telling people to stay home. Yes, there are very real concerns, but we need to take a deep breath and maintain our peace and serenity. Here are some tips for managing our current stress and anxiety:

  • Eat healthy.  It’s very tempting to reach for cookies, cakes, and other junk food, but try to avoid “emotional eating” and do your best to eat enough fruits, vegetables, healthy protein, and stay hydrated
  • Get enough sleep. Try to keep your normal bedtime and wake routines.
  • Get some exercise.  Go for a walk, or at least do some stretches to strengthen your posture as you work from home. Maybe now is the time to try that online yoga class?
  • Take a break from the news. Watch a funny movie, call a friend and have a light conversation, check in on loved ones.
  • Check in on your kids’ anxiety too. Ask them what they’ve heard, or what’s on their mind.  Offer them reassurance.  Kids typically thrive with structure.  Get them heavily involved in developing their daily routines and structure. This may be shocking to some, but encourage your kids to stay socially connected with their friends and classmates through social media, conferencing apps, texting, and calling. Humans were created by the Father to also require one another!

Crazy thought: Could we use this time as an opportunity to grow closer as a family? We are so overscheduled. Maybe these next couple of weeks, when we are forced to be together, can be a chance to reconnect. And remember to take this opportunity to pray with your children and family members. Remind them God is in control and loves us! 



Sources: cbsnews.com, imom@familyfirst.net

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