Are You Ready?

Christmas is a time of traditions and we know that Mass is a big part of many traditions.  When we created our Christmas plan, we wanted it to be as safe as possible, fair to everyone, and reflect the Christmas Eve style thousands of families have embraced over the years.

While many churches will have Mass on Christmas Eve, with limited capacity, these churches will likely need to turn people away or risk allowing people to worship in an unsafe environment.

Join us with your family from the comfort of your couch at our virtual Mass available at 3:30 PM on Christmas Eve.  We brought all of the things you love about Christmas Mass and made them better for this experience, including: 30-minute music concert at 3:30 led by our incredible worship band led by Matt, Amy, and Ellen-Readings tailored to and read by children-An interactive homily from Fr. Ron with our Christmas WatchParty Gift Bag- A front-row viewing experienceUse this link to watch our Christmas Mass on Christmas Eve beginning at 3:30 PM (and available any time after)


All Masses on Christmas day will be in-person beginning with Midnight Mass as well as 8:30 and 11:00 AM Christmas morning. The safety of all those who choose to worship in person is still our top priority. You can read more about our safety guidelines here.
Ticket Registrations are live! You can get your tickets today for one of our Christmas Day Masses. 


The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light;
upon those who dwelt in the land of gloom a light has shown
– Isaiah 9:1 This  verse is the beginning of our First Scripture Reading at our Christmas Mass, at which we are all invited to “Turn on the Light.”  In scripture, darkness is a metaphor for depression and death.  Light symbolizes life and joy. In many ways it feels as though we have been “walking in darkness” in 2020 more so than in most years.  The COVID-19 pandemic has brought us sickness, death, isolation, fear, and economic hardship.  Businesses, our schools, and even our churches have been darkened.  We have walked through growing racial tension, political divide, severe natural disasters, and a contentious election.  People seem to be more divided than ever. Some have even lost hope in our future. Yet, at Christmas, we are called to come together to  “Turn on the light” in our homes and our church in order to dispel the darkness. Light not only symbolizes life and joy, it evokes it. It brings it about.   In the passage from Isaiah people  rejoice greatly at the birth of a child who will connect them with God and bring peace to the land. On Christmas, we celebrate that Christ is that child.  Christ’s birth evokes hope, joy, and peace in our world.  It transforms the darkness. It overcomes depression and death. It tells of a great future and eternal joy in the hereafter. Today we turn on that light as our community celebrates together, each from our own home and with our own family, but as one people rejoicing without fear at the birth of our Savior. Perhaps the greatest source of light and hope for me in this dark year is the celebration of infant baptisms.  A newborn child is a sign that God has not given up on us.  I see each baby as a bright light that promises a better future. The Christ child is the brightest light of all.  Let us rejoice.  Let us turn on the light.
Finally, from all of us at St. Isidore Church, we wish you a very blessed, bright and safe Christmas. No matter where you are, we turn on the light. We hope to see you soon!

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