Anyone can sing! Yes…anyone… even you!

You may think that you need training or an ability to read music, but that is not true. All you need is a passion for worship and the courage to try it out.

Open Mic Sessions give you that chance to try out music ministry and explore the different options of music involvement at St. Isidore including our Praise Teams and the church choir.
There is a place for you if you just give it a chance.

Join us at one of our Open Mic Sessions on Monday, September 16 or Wednesday, September 18 at 7PM in the music room for a chance to try out the ministry and then stick around for some fresh cider and donuts!

If you don’t feel that music ministry is right for you, then you can still support the singing from the congregation… no questions asked! 

So, what do you say? are you willing to try it out?

If you are interested or have questions, contact Matt

Check out this video from 2018 to learn more (note the dates are not current).

"Who Am I to Judge"