Our Lenten Journey and the RCIA

Lent and its’ accompanying journey are rapidly approaching for the Catholic community. The community as a whole is renewed as we take time to focus on repentance and the remembrance of our Baptismal vows.

Lent also coincides with the period of purification and enlightenment for the RCIA catechumens and candidates. The Catechumens prepare for the reception of Baptism and the Candidates reflect on their Baptism as they prepare for additional Sacraments. This is a time of intense interior reflection for the group and is intended to purify their minds and hearts as they prepare for the celebration of Sacraments at the Easter Vigil.

During the Lenten season, the Catechumens (those awaiting baptism) and the Candidates (already baptized) will first be “sent” to the Cathedral in Detroit to celebrate the Rite of Election. The Catechumens specifically will be welcomed to the Church and become the “Elect.”

Throughout the Lenten season, the now “Elect” will celebrate the Scrutinies and be presented with “gifts” from the Church. The Scrutinies, celebrated at 11:30 Mass on Sundays, are rites for self-searching and repentance. As the actual Rite outlines, “the Scrutinies are meant to uncover, then heal all that is weak, defective or sinful in the hearts of the Elect.” There are three Scrutinies in total and during their respective Masses we will hear the Gospels that tell of the Woman at the Well, The Man Born Blind and The Raising of Lazarus.

As mentioned, the Elect will also receive “gifts” from the Church. They will be presented with the Creed and the Our Father prayer at separate Masses on Saturday mornings. Please take a few moments to pray for this amazing group of Catechumens and Candidates as they begin their faith journeys. Also, look for their photos and information in the upcoming weeks. Finally, if you see one of them at 11:30 Mass, take a moment to welcome them personally to our community.

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