October 12, 2019

Parish Mission 2019 Recap

We thank the more than six hundred people who took part in our Parish Mission, or retreat, “What It Means To Be A Catholic Today.” I think it was a great spiritual boost both for individuals and our parish community. I was very much encouraged by the large number of people who came early for the Coffeehouse Worship and stayed afterward for fellowship. It was a high-spirited and very friendly group. I believe many of us got to know each other better and grew closer as a community. On behalf of Fr. Tom, who led the retreat, I thank you for the support you gave to his Augustinian community, especially their seminarians. We also thank all of the staff and parishioners who worked so hard in providing hospitality and otherwise contributing to the success of the Mission. Few things are more “Catholic” than living out the pillars of our parish, which we did so well at the Mission: CONNECT with God; REACH others; BUILD community.

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