January 21, 2019

Regina Caeli open house

2019 Upcoming Admissions Events

Join our exciting mission to form the next generation of Catholics! Regina Caeli Academy provides a classical, hybrid education in the Catholic tradition. Pre K3-12th grade students attend Socratic, hands-on classes two days a week and homeschool on the remaining days. Mark your calendar for our upcoming events:

January Touring Event: Mon, Jan 21 at 10:30 AM

Event includes a tour, classroom observation, and Q&A; children welcome!

High School Information Session: Mon, Jan 21 at 12 PM

You CAN homeschool high school! Event includes a short presentation and Q&A.

RSVP to jpogasic.det@rcahybrid.org or call 989-402-5109

42259 Hayes Rd., Sterling Heights (Located inside Hope Community Baptist)


St. Lawrence Open House