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Karen (5/30/21):

  • FUDDRUCKERS – Paying quietly for a couple’s meal. My sister and I went for an early dinner to FUDDRUCKERS when I saw an elderly couple behind us who were about to order. I felt it was a good time to use some of the money to bring an unexpected surprise to someone. I quietly asked the cashier to pay for the couple and then we walked out with our meal to wait in the car. Once a couple of minutes went by, I went back in to get the receipt. Thankfully the couple did not spot me because it made the experience more satisfactory.
  • WALMART ON ROMEO PLANK – Finding a homeless woman asking for donations. While I was shopping with one of my friends, we found a woman stationed at the exit of the Walmart we were at. Her sign read: “Please support. Any donations will be appreciated. God Bless.” I was instantly compelled by the Holy Spirit to give to the woman whatever I had left of the $40. It made me feel at peace to know I was able to do something for someone which would ease their pain or worries and bring them comfort. The woman seemed grateful and happy and I was proud to know the Lord had used me to do something out of kindness and love.