Over the last five years…

…our annual offertory collections have reduced by 11%

St. Isidore collections have decreased over the past six years.


…and our number of people contributing has declined 36%

The number of envelopes and givers as decreased


Did you know that 41% of our registered families give $0 and over 80% give less than $600 as an annual gift?

9% of our registered families contribute 55% of the parish income.

83% of our community give less than $600 annually.


It takes a lot to run a parish and support our community. Here are some of the ways that we’ve put your generosity to good use:


  • Entry doors and closers $60,000
  • Replace network server add WiFi $9,300
  • Social Hall shades $5,600
  • Office security locks $9,300
  • Sound system, monitors, projectors $55,000


  • Parking lot $60,000
  • Kitchen water heater $8,000
  • Font repair $2,500
  • HVAC (multiple) $29,000

Connecting Point - December 18