Thank You From Cross Catholic Outreach

May 14, 2021

Attn: Jenny L Racette

Rev. Ron Victor

St. Isidore Catholic Church

18201 23 Mile Rd

Macomb Twp, MI 48042

Dear Fr. Ron,

Thank you for your generous gift for St. Catherine’s Academy in Belize, through your Lenten Giving Tree project. The girls will be so blessed by the extraordinary stewardship displayed by the members of St. Isidore.

As a token of our sincere appreciation, we offer the enclosed Y-Cross for your parish. This special hand-crafted Cross is referred to as the “Y-Cross” because it is in the form of a “Y” and not the usual cross or “X”.

It was designed and given its name by an artist name Frank Lizama, Sr. from Belize. The reason for this unusual design is that Frank wants the crucifix to ask us the question: “Why did he die for us?”

The “why” becomes the “Y” shape. It is a play on words. He does not answer the question. He wants us to ask ourselves the question, and each person answers it for him or herself.

His son Robert now makes the crosses in Belize. Frank, his father, is 77 years old and retired.

Thank you again for your demonstration of love and support for the poor.


June Lawrence

Cross Catholic Outreach

Delivering Food, Shelter and Hope to the Poorest of the Poor