The Celebration of Sacraments

In a beautiful Mass this past Saturday evening, 6/13, the Elect and Candidates of the RCIA process received the Sacraments of Initiation.

The five Elect were Baptized, Confirmed and received First Eucharist. (Nicholas Barozzini, Brandon Bedford, Sarah Desch, Quyen Nguyen and Gabrielle Romero.)

In addition, fifteen Candidates received Confirmation and First Eucharist. (Brianna Ahrens, Tanner Andrzejewski, Keenan Barozzini, Lauren Caprario, Aisan Elum, Asje Elum, Sophia Fonseca, Maria Guimarães, Marianna Guimarães, Jennifer Krautner, Jena Owsiany, Daniel Rodgers, Anthony Shkambi, Dena Trandell, Angel Zink).

In total, St Isidore and the entire community welcomed twenty new brothers and sisters into full communion with the Catholic Church.

Please welcome them and continue to pray for all of our new Catholic brothers and sisters!

Offertory for 6/14/20