The Presentation of the Lord and Candlemas

The Presentation of the Lord and Candlemas

Although the majority of us have long packed up our Christmas ornaments, the historical Christmas cycle extends past the Baptism of the Lord. Traditionally the feast of Candlemas (the Presentation of the Lord) occurs on February 2 and marked the final conclusion of the “Christmas cycle.”

Candlemas celebrates an event that occurred 40 days after Jesus’ birth and was his first introduction to the Temple. In other words, it is the final “baby Jesus” feast day on the Church’s liturgical calendar.

Please bring your candles from home to be blessed prior to all weekend Masses for Candlemas on the weekend of February 2.

We bless our candles which represent the light of Christ so that we carry that light throughout the coming year. Candles from home as well as candles used in the church are traditionally blessed on this feast day.

Christmas is a beautiful season of joy that doesn’t end on December 26, but extends as far as February! May we all share the light and love of Christ throughout the New Year!