Tony Kendzierski Retirement

As of this past Easter, Tony Kendzierski announced his retirement. Tony joined our parish staff in 1998 and first served our community as Deacon and pastoral associate. Over the last ten years, Tony was a member of the Leadership Team and the Director of Christian Service as well as the coordinator for safety/security. Tony’s first career was as a Detroit Police Officer and he brought much of the toughness he gained while serving in this role to our team. His presence allowed our gentle pastor, Fr. Ron, to focus on pastorally leading the community while Tony took care of many of the hard to navigate issues. With this being said, Tony’s heart will be what both staff members and our community will remember when reflecting on his contributions to St. Isidore.

If you’d like to send a note of congratulation or best wishes, please hand in cards to the front office and we will get them to Ed. Your appreciation and best wishes will bring joy in his retirement.

Thank you Tony for all your Service and best wishes on your retirement!!!