Certificate of Appreciation for Blood Drive

Once the Covid 19 Pandemic hit we saw services, businesses and manufacturing being extraordinarily affected. Along with these closures came another effect, blood drives were canceled. St. Isidore was scheduled to host a blood drive on April 26 this year. We were being asked to fill 44 appointments. Within a week of the sign up going on line, were at 100% capacity. The Red Cross then added an additional 11 appointments which were also quickly filled.  After discussion with our leadership team, we decided to honor our commitment to the Red Cross and continue our plans to host the blood drive. 

We were, with the help of the Red Cross, able to be proactive in insuring everyone’s safety, including the Red Cross staff, the St. Isidore volunteers and the donors. Temperatures were checked before anyone entered the room. Masks were required not only of the staff and volunteers, but the donors as well.  

Of the 55 appointments, 44 people presented themselves to donate. Of the 44 people who presented, 39 units of blood were collected. The Red Cross chose to recognize St. Isidore for keeping its commitment by awarding St. Isidore a certificate of appreciation.