Connecting Point: August 11, 2019

How do I find the courage to live my faith?

Music; especially prayerful, powerful sacred music.

Life can be frightening with all the bad stuff happening around us,  but we must not give up the good fight of faith, because if we do, the devil wins.

My courage batteries get re-fueled when we all sing uplifting messages of faith together. So many of our Sunday Mass songs renew my faith; the unification of our voices affirms that we are not alone in the battle for the challenges of the week ahead.  

One of the best texts for building Gospel stamina comes from Psalm 31: Lord, Be My Rock of Safety. Listen here:

Psalm 31

“In you, O Lord, I take refuge; let me never be put to shame.  In your justice rescue me, incline your ear to me, make haste to deliver me!”

In reflecting on this Connecting Point, I thought of the courage of our forefathers; giving their lives for us so that we could have the freedom to worship and share our Faith.  The following poem sums up the musical connection to courage for me:

Once fife and drum fronted troops,
As a wall of courage in time of oppression, 
Marching steady together into battle for Gospel freedom, 
Now prayerful, powerful hymns and scripture songs 
Lift hearts and inspire onward Christian soldiers
To courage and stouthearted hope in the Lord.

Like our brave soldiers facing the battle for freedom, we too must continue to be steadfast in our mission to share the love of the Gospel.

Lord, Jesus you have overcome all evil by your cross and resurrection. As Music hath power to soothe the savage beast, may the songs of our Faith continue to restore my courage to live a Gospel life in the Holy Name of your great Love. “Let your face shine upon your servant; save me in your kindness. Take courage and be stouthearted, all you who hope in the Lord!” 

Psalm 31

-Amy Righi

Connecting Point: August 18, 2019