Connecting Point

Connecting Point: August 18, 2019

How can I get fired up for Christ’s mission?

It was that time of year again. Football Season! Michigan State vs. University of Michigan. The food was prepared and the drinks were in order.  Friends and family had come over dressed to cheer on their favorite team. We were fired up!

Sports draw many of us in, to promote the challenge, to witness the quest, and to cheer the game. There will be times of disagreements, camaraderie, defeat and exultation. True fans will love every minute of it.

In today’s reading, Jesus calls us to the game and he wants us to be fired up! We are drawn in to promote the challenge of a Christian life.  We are asked to witness the quest as we go up against those who resist what Christ has to say.  We are called to continue to cheer on the game as we come into the final period of life against death.  When Jesus was in the game, he defeated the powers of death and obtained the ultimate victory – life over death, light over darkness, and love over hate.

Let us be true fans of Christ and get fired up! Get rid of the burdens and sins that cling to us and be focused on running the race before us. Be that player who becomes what Christ calls you to be.  Let us reflect on the famous quote by St. Catherine of Sienna, “If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world ablaze.”

– Ann De Rey