Sometimes I pretend not to know the truth or ignore a situation instead of helping.
Sometimes when I see an injustice, I look the other way.
I think most can admit that we have done this at some point, right?
But God is calling us to radical change. We cannot simply ignore the bad things that are happening around us.

In the book of Proverbs wisdom is described as food and we are invited to eat of this food and turn away from foolishness. And with this food comes nourishment and energy. Our body and souls need this!

We need to be wise to what is happening around us: gossip, injustices, hatred. Instead of being ignorant, God is calling us to use the wisdom that He gives us to share His message of love and justice with others so that they too may know of His wisdom.

You have blessed me with such wisdom, grace, and love.
Help me to use these gifts today
to do the right thing and help others grow in faith
forsaking my ignorant tendencies.

Connecting Point: August 26, 2018