Connecting Point: February 18, 2018

My friends who run marathons take their physical fitness seriously throughout the year.  They incorporate physical exercise routines and healthy eating into their daily lives.  However, as a marathon draws near, they step things up a notch.  In order to withstand the endurance required of a marathon, and in an attempt to run their best race, they add physical exercises to their daily routine, and adjust their eating.

We who take the fitness of our spiritual lives seriously also integrate spiritual exercises into our daily lives throughout the year: such spiritual exercises as prayer (both private and communal), fasting, and almsgiving.  However, as the season of Easter approaches, we step things up a notch.  We add spiritual exercises to our daily routine in order to be in our best spiritual shape to renew our Baptismal commitment on Easter Sunday, and to  immerse ourselves fully into the Paschal Mystery of Christ’s Death and Resurrection.  Easter is a fifty-day long season of joy.  It takes a lot of spiritual endurance to sustain and celebrate joy through that marathon of a season.

On this First Sunday of Lent, we ask: what spiritual exercises are your adding to your spiritual routine this Lent as you prepare to celebrate Easter?  Our website presents many such exercises for you consideration.  Please check it out, and choose those best suited for you and your family.  Have  great Lent and Easter Seasons!

Connecting Point: February 25, 2018