How can my living reflect God’s Light?

In this Sunday readings, we hear about Christ’s light and how it should reflect on others. Christ’s glorified body and the dazzling light are revealed to the disciples that followed Jesus up the mountain at the Transfiguration.

Jesus’ light was so bright it blinded them when they looked up at the Lord in all his glory. In the first reading, we hear the story of Abraham sacrificing Isaac. Even Abraham had a light shone on him with the voice of God telling him not to harm his son. He then gave a burnt offering of a ram as a sacrifice to God. This Sacrifice of Issac foreshadows Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. Even on the cross, Jesus’ light shines because just days later we see Jesus resurrected! We are all on a journey and in this season of Lent we focus on, What can you add to your Lent. On the mountain top, Jesus encouraged the disciples that they must go back down to the people of the world. Sometimes, we keep our light to ourselves; everyday challenges can keep us from sharing our faith with others. Today, what can you do to start “Shining your Light” for the world to see?

Connecting Point: March 4, 2018